You can do ANYTHING in that car…

Washington Post article on self-driving cars

If the near-future sees every car rolls along safely, without human error, then what will police do?  Traffic stops are the most common mechanism to find the bad guys, doing bad things, right?

See, I could be a futurist!  Because I can imagine a magical criminal future where you just black out those windows.  And line up all your drugs and alcohol.  It’s not like they’re going to pull you over for speeding or rolling through a stop sign.  Heck, maybe you buy a bigger self-driving car – a van or SUV – so you can finally host that mobile cockfight ring in the back.

I’d like to think that the article’s author and I were the first to think up such a grand scheme – to move all of our criminal activity to the roadways, moving along undetected.  But I’m pretty sure Walter White was a step ahead.

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