My Only “Take” on Donald Trump

Okay, that’s a lie.  I have approx. 5000 takes on Donald Trump.  I come up with a new one every seven minutes.  I can’t stop thinking about the unfortunate twists and turns which resulted in me being represented by this guy. And every day, chipping away at my trust that “surely, everyone will come to their freakin’ senses and make this go away.”

But I still actually trust that.  It will happen, right?

That said, I’m confounded why more opportunistic, pragmatic, and/or cynical members of his party – especially in Congress – don’t just jump the inevitability and push their stakes in against him.  Be very public about it.  If you’re certain, then profit from it.  Be one of the smart guys, once it all goes down.

Sure, there’s risk.  But is there really?  Trump is like Bobby Knight’s last few months at IU.  It’s not if…just when.  Only a matter of time before the right bit of “‘sup, Knight?” information is leaked or revealed on the guy.

So if you’re that true conservative-values GOP’er who makes a stand too early, loses in ’18 due to a Trumpian backlash, and heads home – do you really think history will look poorly on you?  Do you really think you won’t be vindicated?  And at least you can, like, I don’t know… sleep at night?

Because the Republican party will eventually have to account for this dude, even just in history books. That short-term power you may give up – isn’t it a certainty that you’ll look really smart down the road?

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