So, I haven’t been happy for a while with my current workflow to store/share photos. I killed the chestysite domain a while back because a traditional website/blog seemed outdated – what, with the numerous social sites, and free or low-cost photo-sharing options.

But as I tried to commit to these things – Facebook to keep up with people, and the Flickrs of the internet for photos, it just wasn’t working. The recent election drove me off Facebook for good. I share a pic of the kids there occasionally, because I know some friends (mostly my parents’ friends) still frequent there. But I don’t go back much.

I’m not into all the Snapchats and new things – they aren’t designed for people my age anyway.

And photos – well, that’s bugged me for awhile. No matter how I share them, they never feel quite “mine.”

I’ve tried to get back into some photography. So that’s the biggest reason why chestysite is back, shameful name at all. (I couldn’t think of what else to use? I’m lazy. And shockingly, no one had picked up the domain!) So I’m going to just keep an online repository of photos here – where I know they’re mine, regularly backed-up, and easy to share the way I want to.

Do I want to start up silly games like the AFP again? Sometimes. But that’s not really the point. I may type blog-like things here occassionally. But it will just be me, complaining about my sports teams or politics.

Should you bookmark this website? Heck, I don’t know.  Do people even go to websites any more?


“Never Leave a Job Half Done” – Pedro the Lion

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